special journey deep into yourself

Сhoosing and meeting your coach guide
Overland or overwater s o l a | capsule model T
A location of your choice
4 hours of coaching
All services
Two-way transfer not included in price
(rate depending on chosen means of transport).

A short four-day program for bodily, mental, and soul reboot.

If you want to try and start your way to yourself
The meditative program
Where only you and a wise guide are
Day 0. Introduction
One-hour online session with a coach guide.

A week before the adventure starts, we will help you to get prepared: you will leave your usual life behind, feel secure, and choose & meet your guide

Day 1. Immersion
The day for arrival & silence.

You will get used to new conditions and let go, trust, watch, celebrate

Day 2. Pausing
A two-hour online session with your coach guide.

You will learn new tools and practices for self-cognition and focus on key questions that brought you to this date with yourself

Day 3. Solo or Silence
This is your special day in silence (fasting as an option)

Day 4. Integration
One-hour online session with your coach guide.

You will reflect and create a plan of small steps back in usual life

Day 5. Returning

Our bank of picturesque locations is at your service.

Mountains, meadows, forests, lakes, rivers, islands and even deserts — this will be your special expedition to Ukraine and the world
A place for a date with yourself
Where will I be discovering myself?
Trakhtemyriv peninsula
Picturesque Cherkasy region
Trakhtemyriv peninsula
the place of power since Cossack times
Picturesque Cherkasy region
where Dnipro water arteries create whimsical patterns
where sheep pasture on polonyna meadows and pine trees scrape the skies
We have made sure that your stay is a completely new experience for you, without any worries
Innovative capsule
Home for a date with yourself
3D-printed hammam
Rooftop spa bath
Chair for meditations
King-size bed
Invisible services
We allow you to focus on the most important thing — yourself, without being distracted by anything
Tending to your body
Caring for your soul
adventure price
a four-day private adventure for mental, soul, and bodily reboot
Want to explore s o l a | capsule?
Please provide your phone number.

We will call you, answer your questions, and arrange the time
You can also email us or call us. We'll be happy to chat
Where will I live?
You will live in an innovative s o l a | capsule model T designed for comfortable solitude and featuring a hammam, a rooftop jacuzzi, a cozy bed, and tons of other smart details. You can read more about model G capsule here. And here you can look at it live
What kind of amusements can be found on locations?
Our locations offer none of the typical city amusements, but they are equipped with maps of mushroom and berry gathering routes, baskets, and rainboots, fish tackles and straw sun hats, and bikes and electric scooters for exploring remote localities. All of these matched with your curiosity will create the most valuable amusements ever
Can I bring my partner or kids with me?
reboot, hermit, choice, and rebirth programs are designed for one person, but we are thinking of creating programs for two people (you and your significant one). We will be happy to receive your inquiry by email programs@solaretreat.com or phone +38 044 390 11 55. Our manager will note your request
Can I bring my pet with me?
You can include all your preferences in your program application, and we will work out a solution. Still, please remember that the goal of the journey is to focus on yourself
How do you guarantee my security?
Your security will be guarded by:

— panoramic cameras and perimeter sensors covering a 12-meters radius;

— physical security of the large perimeter and invisible video patrolling of the location;

— doors with biometric access control
How will I get contacted by my family in case of emergency?
Your family will get the phone number of a 24/7 concierge. He will pass you any important messages (as defined by you upon arrival)
Do you operate year-round?
Yes. All our locations and capsules are designed for year-round stay
Which locations can you offer?
We currently offer three locations in Ukraine:

— Trakhtemyriv peninsula;

— Picturesque Cherkasy region;

— Carpathian polonyna meadows.

These places are clean nature, with no manufacturing facilities, highways, or people, and with views stretching beyond horizon.

The area of each location is between 20 and 50 hectares.

Each location will host between 20 and 50 capsules
Can I choose any of the locations?
Yes, you can, but some programs are designed for certain locations exclusively
Will I have to share the location with other people?
Yes, the location might host other people as well, all of them s o l a divers like you. We plan the placement and number of capsules in a way so that no one sees or hears each other
How will I get to the location?
You will get there by land, water or air — as you wish. Depending on location and whichever you prefer
Are there any restaurants on location?
The locations are not and will not be equipped with restaurants or any other entertaining facilities. s o l a | retreat programs are created for solitude and escaping from daily routine. It's important that your inner dialogues flow unhindered
Where will I get my food?
The capsule features a big refrigerator, a kitchen, and an outside BBQ area. We will pack it with all the food you need and love. Want a wild seabass in a couple of minutes? Just grill it and enjoy. Any other fresh food from local farms (cottage cheese, milk, fresh herbs, berries, vegetables) is delivered to your table by drone in 10 minutes
Who is this coach guide?
Leading coaches from the ID Institute of Personal and Organizational Development will help you dive into your mind deeper and find answers to your questions.

ID is a team of organizational development consultants who teaches and consults leaders and their teams in practice. The purpose of the Institute is to create and bring clarity at all stages of the Way — the Life Trajectory of the Leader and the life cycle of his organization.

A coach guide is a counselor helping s o l a divers implement meditation program of their choice.

The coach's goal is to create inner silence within you so that attitudes of others do not hinder you from hearing your own voice. The coach will not be offering any ready-made decisions but will ask you questions and share tools and practices that can help you realize whether all of your desires, solutions, and needs are your own or acquired from others. The coach will help you secure the insights you gain and teach you practices to integrate the new behavior models and attitudes into your daily life.

The coach guide is an expert in the areas of human psychology, creativity and activity psychology, motivation, team and organizational development, working with one's 'shadow' (an unknown, unnoticed, or denied side of personality). The coach speaks different 'languages,' both to your rationality and creativity, and will help you 'translate' between them and integrate them, so that you are able to make holistic decisions and accord your way with all parts of your personality.

The coach is your ally on your way to yourself. Their job is to hear, see, and be present while you're connecting with yourself and deciding on your further direction. The guide cares that you are safe and real you, without judgment, rationality, and constant anxiety like "Am I doing right?" This is the only way to finding insights and showing your own valuable unconscious.

A mindful guide knows that you carry all the answers inside you, and all you need is to ask the right question. The guide will assist you with gathering all your inner strength, bit by bit, and noticing what you've missed

What is coaching?
Coaching is a way of growing that is future-oriented and aimed at creation of new experience that unlocks your potential. The coach has no ready-made or standard solutions; the new experience is being shaped here and now, and you are main author, the one who creates its value.

The guide accompanies you in this journey with their trust and belief; they share their practices and prepares you to the solo, your journey inside — or even beyond — yourself. To the place you've never been before. To your ontological Self, where new narratives and images of beautiful solutions live.

The coach relies on faith: "You possess the resources. If a question arises, you do have an answer deep within yourself. How would it get there otherwise?" The coach also relies on a belief that a person themselves might be a solution when they recognize themselves as an integral part of the complexity, being bigger than it and inclusive of it.

"Exceed and include" is one of the key principles of integral coaching. It stipulates that you accept, include, and exceed all previous logics, identities, challenges (and solutions to them) on your way from your Current life to the Desired one
How do the sessions look like?
The sessions with the coach guide are the time for you; it's a special form of partnership focused on you and your inquiry. Two of you will use this time to explore in wholeness and detail all your emotions and reactions that belong to you exclusively, apart from other voices sounding in your head. You will use this time to revise behavior patterns and archetypes that have been invisibly shaping your life.

The sessions will take place online, and you will attend them from your capsule through a special device that will appear for the time of the session only
I am uncertain about which program to choose; can you help me?
Yes. Our advisors will tell you more than is written here and assist you with choosing a journey fitting your needs and inquiries.

Additionally, each program is adapted to your personality and inquiry. The program is a direction, and each person needs their unique one. No two persons have same contexts or should use same tools and patterns
What if I need more (or less) time for self-discovery?
If you need more time, we will offer you a different program a bit later.

If you feel you need less time, you can finish the program anytime
We believe
We know
We are
in humans of the world
how important it is to discover the real You
here to enable you to do so
Ways to discover new you
s o l a | retreat programs
We have created 4 programs for special solitude. To give you the opportunity to speak to your true self
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